Magnetic Miles LLC, has over 30 world wide patents. We feel our Patents cover potentially life changing Green Energy Technologies. Over a period of time, we will attempt to bring our Investors up to date, on what we have, how far along we are with it, what does it do, who potentially would be our market, what’s our game plan overall, what are our expectations?

Self-replicating power source, powered by Magnets, and Batteries. (Featured on MagneticMilesLLC.com). This power source continues to power and repower itself through its two banks of Batteries. The power comes from Magnets, that cool down, the longer they run. It breaks a law of physics, by putting out more power than goes into it. It also produces a limited amount of Hydrogen. The potential uses for this technology, are endless. Inexpensive power for the world, non-polluting, etc… We are not ready to take this to market.  However, we feel that with proper funding, we perhaps are a year away.

Discovered over 100 years ago, our scientists, who just recently applied for a U.S. Patent Pending, have greatly enhanced the science. E.V.O. ‘S are Laser charged Nanobubbles, potentially used for power generation, fuel source, and crop irrigation assistance, just to name a few. Our engineer is currently going over, the design of the “Cavatation” machine, that will generate the bubbles, to be then “charged”. The possibilities are endless. As we get closer to bringing this to market, our scientists continue to discover ways to improve it. We are hopeful to have this going through testing around summertime. Testing could take 6 months, possibly a year. Although we are very aware of the sense of urgency, it has to be done right. 

We are researching companies we feel could benefit from this technology.

Magnetic Miles LLC was formed in July 2006 as a research and development incubator for various renewable energy sources and associated products. Discoveries were made in our Lab and intellectual property was protected. In the pursuit of perfecting our technologies and applications, in 2019 our founder, Michael Cristoforo, passed away bringing a halt to our progress. The dormancy of our company ended in March 2022 when Cynthia Kollath, President and CEO of Magnetic Miles LLC,  asked John E. Pierson to be the Chief Operating Officer. Since then, Magnetic Miles LLC has expanded its scientific discoveries and marketing efforts to bring our extraordinary technologies to the world.