Welcome to the Official Website for the VOTONX DIVISION of Magnetic Miles LLC, a Disruptive Clean Energy Technologies company in Stuart Florida.

-noun – American (USA) pronounced (Voh – Tah – Nex)

a brand name our scientists gave to the resulting energies generated
from our patented technologies, researched and developed
in the Magnetic Miles LLC Laboratory.

VOTONX Energy is on a mission to save the planet.

Our Declaration from Fossil Fuel Usage

High Quantity EVO Production Patent Pending

This is the beginning of a newly patent pending process for production and storage of massive amounts of Exotic Vacuum Objects, EVO’s discovered by the team of Scientists at Magnetic Miles LLC Laboratory in Stuart Florida. Its goals include:

1) LENR Clean Energy production
2) Propulsion in Aircraft and Spacecraft
3) Nuclear Waste Remediation
4) Rare Element Production

We currently hold 35 patents worldwide, covering scientific discoveries developed in our Lab.

While our science team was researching our original patented magnetic piston engine, unusual and unexpected electrical behavior was identified which culminated in our patented Magnetic Impulse Controlled Plasma Power Source. This power source created a high-voltage-driven submerged plasma in a water-electrolyte solution, as shown in the image.

Here is what we observed in and around its apparatus – stimulation of nuclear fission in Thorium and Tungsten, potentially by LENR as was demonstrated by independent laboratory testing:

1) Unexpected cooling of various parts of the equipment.
2) Production of large amounts of gas of unknown composition.
3) large amounts of visible light produced accompanied by gamma ray and/or X-Ray bursts.
4) Indications of excess energy availability.
5)Plasma ball formation. 
6) Within the plasma ball was evidence of vorticial structures.

During the late 20th century, Kenneth Shoulders, a US researcher, known as “the founder of microelectronic field emission devices”, was working on electron-condensed charged entities, Electrum Validum (EV’s.) today we call them EVO’s. These charged clusters have been described as microball lightning. The major limitations in previous EVO research are these entities were created in small numbers and exist for about a microsecond.

Magnetic Miles LLC is developing methods for storing EVO’s for much longer periods, allowing a broad range of applications. We were founded as an incubator for Research and Development of Clean Energy sources to save the planet from the harmful effects of fossil fuels.

Magnetic Miles LLC is actively seeking partnerships with the government, academic institutions, various corporate entities, and funding organizations to finalize the development of our
technologies and bring them to commercialization. A limited number of demonstration dates in our lab are available now. Please contact, John E. Pierson our Chief Operating Officer directly at (772) 485-8007 to schedule your appointment.

Email: [email protected]

We are now Trading!

"Our Liquidity has been fortified to continue trading"

(STUART FL) Magnetic Miles LLC, a LENR Energy Technologies company has launched “VTNX” a new cryptocurrency token to the public on Polygon Mainnet. The company based in Stuart Florida chose to back their new token with MATIC on the advice of Michael J. Ceely, the renowned Crypto Developer who is leading the Magnetic Miles LLC /Votonx Division Crypto Team. “VTNX/MATIC is the pair to observe”, says John E. Pierson COO of Magnetic Miles LLC, “we believe this is the greatest pairing since Burgers and Fries.”  


Investor Observer gives Polygon (MATIC) an average long term technical score of 45 from its research. This analysis helps to determine whether it’s a strong buy-and-hold investment opportunity currently for traders. “That is exactly how we  designed VTNX cryptocurrency, we are positioning ourselves to be a strong buy-and-hold investment,” said Pierson. Expectations are the pairing of VTNX and MATIC will continue to grow in value exponentially in 2023. 

Buy VTNX Now 
Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk and is not recommended for all investors.
Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice

VOTONX has moved to QuickSwap.exchange, a platform designed for V2 router compatible cryptocurrency like the VTNX Token. “QuickSwap will make swapping MATIC for VTNX faster and easier with near-zero gas fees”, said COO John E.  Pierson. The move was necessary when UNISWAP.ORG made compatibility changes in their platform.


The QuickSwap.exchange platform operates similarly to Uniswap, in that you connect it to your MetaMask wallet account. Once your wallet is connected you can begin the swapping process.  Tap on the button marked BEST TRADE. A window will open with choices. Tap on Market V2. Then you can fill in the amount of Matic you want to swap. The next step is to (select a token) and initially you will need to copy the VTNX Token Contract Address from Polygonscan in your MetaMask account. The VTNX Token will populate and a window asking you to (add) the VTNX Token to your list will appear. Tap (add) and you will not have to copy and paste the Token Contract Address for your next VTNX swap.


We have made the access to the QuickSwap.exchange easier on our VOTONX Telegram channel. You will also have the opportunity to check the price of our VTNX Tokens, visit our websites and stay informed on company news.
Just click on the link below

VTNX cryptocurrency is backed by Science



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Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk,
and may not be suitable for all investors. Anyone wishing to invest
should seekhis or her own independent financial or professional advice.